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WingArc Accelerator Batch 5 Demo Day

7 November 2023
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
(Online Zoom)

Welcome to the WingArc Accelerator Batch 5 Demo Day, where innovation takes center stage! Join us on this thrilling journey as we introduce you to six remarkable startups that are redefining industries and shaping the future. Prepare for a day filled with discovery, inspiration, and networking.


Whether you're an investor seeking the next big opportunity or simply passionate about cutting-edge innovation, this event is your gateway to witnessing the future of entrepreneurship. Mark your calendar and don't miss the chance to be part of this remarkable showcase of innovation.

Demo Day Highlight

Meet the Startups of Batch 5


is a United States-based company specializing in AI Video Analytics, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. Their acclaimed Vaidio AI Vision Platform, recipient of the SIA award, boasts over 30 advanced AI Video Analytics features designed to enhance intelligence and precision within established camera and video infrastructures.


is an insurance tech company based in Hong Kong that utilizes blockchain and technology to automate insurance claims. Mediconcen liberalized the existing heavily regulated medical network with the use of blockchain technology, allowing individual clinics to re-join the insurance market with a one-stop solution.

filmplace-logo_small (1).png


is a Singapore based company. They operate a marketplace platform that facilitates connections between content creators and brands. Their platform boasts a thriving global community, simplifying the challenges posed by language and legal differences for businesses. With this solution, brands can effortlessly secure film locations, engage top talent, and tap into a wealth of global content for their product placement initiatives.


is a property-tech company based in Vietnam. They provide a full-service property management platform for landlords in big cities. By utilizing advanced technologies such as IoT, AI and automated processes, AirCity aims to build a 4.0 residential community. 



is an IT services and solutions company based in the Philippines. Their expertise encompasses ERP, RPA, web applications, and consulting services, all geared toward assisting clients in successfully navigating their digital transformation journeys and revitalizing their businesses.


is a Generative AI company based in Singapore. They offer innovative location-based AR solutions tailored for the retail and commerce sectors. Their overarching vision is to enhance physical spaces and human interactions, linking the next billion users to collaboratively shape an inclusive metaverse. 

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