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WingArc Singapore

Helping companies become data driven for higher efficiency
and performance.

Data Empowerment Solutions

We provide products and services that focus on the technology of data utilization to help companies, by leveraging on their massive amount of data, to make smarter decisions through our powerful data analytics software suite.

Big Data, Powerful Aggregation and Enhanced Analysis

Fast and Sophisticated Visualization aided by a Comprehensive Graphical Charting tools kit

Flexible Connection to Multiple Data Sources from Databases to Real-time IoT Devices

Real-time Triggers and Alerts to Drive Decision-making and Integration

About Us

Society has entered the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution driven by advances like AI and robotics. This revolution is dramatically transforming not only corporations and industries, but also the workstyles, perspectives and values of people everywhere.

With eyes toward the future, our company seriously debated how it could most fully contribute to society.

Confident that data resources will be increasingly valued, we decided to focus on meeting this need. “The Data Empowerment Company” clearly expresses this refocused corporate philosophy.

By maximizing the value of data, Data Empowerment has the potential to revolutionize business and create a brighter future. We experienced this innovative business revolution ourselves and believe it can dramatically benefit our customers.

In the process of rethinking our values and embodying our corporate philosophy, we came to realize that our true strength lies in our trusting relationships with customers. By consistently exceeding customer expectations and building mutual trust, we achieved sustainable growth that we intend to strengthen further through outstanding performance.

We believe in people and the potential of technology to make the world a better place. Our corporate culture encourages every employee to take initiative, be a driving force for change and contribute to growth both in our company and society.

Together with customers, we seek to realize the dream of a brighter future for everyone.

Jun Tanaka, President & CEO
WingArc1st Inc

Enterprise level Integration for Complex Form Generation Capabilities

Advanced Intelligent Search Engine for Fast Retrievals

Automated Documentation System with Smart OCR Functions

Strong Security on Documents with Elaborated Access Control for Protection

Business Document Solutions

Our complex forms solution is the de-facto standard in Japan and enjoys the largest market share there. It is coupled together with an automated document management system with intelligent search capabilities to provide an all-round business document solution.

Our Products

Dr.Sum Logo.png

Dr. Sum

Dr. Sum is a database engine designed to optimize integration and aggregation of data. Numbers create value, but only when they are analyzed in a way that people wish to view. Speed of data processing is also critical from the standpoint to prevent operations from slowing down. Dr. Sum helps managers, field staffs and data analysts utilize data they have in the organization, and change those numbers into action. 

Motion Board logo.png


MotionBoard is a next-generation BI dashboard that helps business managers and users accelerate business performance. It gives you the power to analyze and visualize all of your business data in one place, in real-time, in a matter of seconds.



VyNDEX allows you to manage all of your Salesforce data from the familiar Excel interface. View all your records, make changes, and quickly update your Salesforce data without opening your browser. You can even update multiple records at once.

download (1).png


SFV is an integrated form platform offering a holistic solution for crafting and generating a wide array of forms. This includes everything from invoices, delivery receipts, and packing slips generated during business transactions to diverse certificates issued by governmental agencies.


SFV Cloud

SVF Cloud is a cloud-based form service that grants you access to the capabilities of a cloud form solution already employed by more than 32,900 companies. Through seamless integration with various cloud services, SVF Cloud ensures the easy and efficient use of business forms while preserving their intricate details in the cloud environment.


Invoice Agent

invoiceAgent Documents is a comprehensive document management solution designed to organize, store, and efficiently retrieve various forms while seamlessly integrating with other systems. This solution promotes secure electronic document management in compliance with the Electronic Book Storage Act, leading to cost reduction, enhanced governance, and the encouragement of paperless operations.

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